Saturday, 7 November 2015

An Adventure with Raven | The Eatles

Yes, I do suck at blogging, and yes I promise to try to post every week. And nope, you didn't read that wrong, there's a place near my university called the Eatles, and if you're one of those persons, who likes to go to instagram-worthy places, put this on your list!

Everything in the place is vintage, even the door (nope, I didn't take a picture, sorry) which is a telephone booth with an actual telephone is vintage. And their kitchen was a bus. A BUS! Then their walls was filled with car plates, and vinyls, radios, articles about the Beatles, and all sorts of cool stuff.

So the food. The food was amazing, no doubt, it was a bit on the pricey side especially if your target customers are zombie-turned students who's barely keeping up at life. Anyway, I had the ribs, the sauce on my plate was a bit too much, but its okay I scraped it off, and the meat was just mouthwatering and chewy, and it melts in my mouth. I'd surely order that again when I go back.

As for drinks I had a mug float, as much as I wanted to order coffee, I had PE for next period (yes, I still have PE in uni, I have badminton). And plus, I was asked to lessen my caffeine intake again, but who cares?

Initially, we weren't supposed to eat at The Eatles, but it was the day when our classes resumed after a five day break so Raven and I decided to somehow, spoil ourselves since we got our pays. We were supposed to go to another restaurant/place, but we couldn't find it, and since the both of us haven't eaten at Eatles, we gave it a go. I think that when we entered the place, it wasn't really open yet. The guard wasn't at the door, the employees were still eating, and there was no customer inside. But thankfully, they served us, we also had a chat with Chef Migs (I think that's his name). He was really nice, he used to work at Starbucks, or maybe he still is, and I asked him about their part time jobs, and all that jazz. So, maybe next year I'd be working near coffee (yey!).

sooo much thank you to Raven for taking some pictures <3 

Like I said, the place looked amazing! And what I'm wearing is our uniform. Yes, we still have uniforms and I look like a high school student, plus my height.
Oh! And another thing that I like about the place is the music. So much love for their playlists. Having songs from the from 70s, 80s and 90s, making me sing along! Even Raven looked at me weirdly. (Thanks a lot friend)

So, more Eatles for me next time, maybe I'll have their coffee next.

The Eatles, P.Noval, in front of UST,Sampaloc, Philippines