Tuesday, 5 January 2016

The Becoming Better List

The Becoming Letter List. It's kinda like my New Year's Resolution, but the thing is, I don't do New Year's Resolutions because I don't really follow them... sooo, let's just say that this is an upgraded New Year's Resolution. It's not really a new years resolution since I've been trying to do these things since November-ish? Well, it's complicated, but this is very similar to a New Year's Resolution, but then again its not. (confused yet?)


I have to say how much I suck at drinking water just because I prefer drinking tea, juice, and occasionally, sodas, instead. I know how water is good for the body, like it enhances one's complexion and all that jazz. Also, my doctor said that it's the only cure for my minor heart problem. To be honest, he told me that I'm not allowed to have coffee or tea, but it was like he asked me to leave my children in front of a cat carrying a chainsaw, so I do still drink coffee. I just try not to overdose on it anymore. Back again on more water, lately, I've been trying to drink one litre or more a day, I also try to bring a small bottle of water with me in my room whenever I get the chance to remember to. So that's a start! 


I don't just suck on blogging and drinking water, I also try to kill myself early by not eating healthy. Guess what was the result? High Cholesterol. Yup, I'm a seventeen year old college student with high cholesterol, (two years running with it). And the downside, I have to avoid bacon, spam and eggs! I mean yeah, I can avoid hotdog, but those three I mentioned are my staple foods, it's the only thing I could cook whenever I'm too hungry to try to cook something decent. Just imagine the agony of trying to avoid these things for two years (which I fail miserably at).
By eating healthier, I plan to eat more vegetables and fruits. So far, the number of vegetables I eat could be counted on maybe both hands and one foot. So now, I plan to somehow grow that number and eat more greens. As for fruits, I have no problem with fruits, I eat lots of them, though, I only eat them when I "feel" like eating them. I drink fruit shakes though, plus the milk and sugar and stuff.

3. Blog and Vlog genuinely 

I written it down countless times why I stopped blogging and all that stuff so, I'll make this short. I want my blog to be a reflection of my weird and uneventful and chaotic life and I want my vlogging channel to be the visual documentation of it. Capisce? 

4. Meet New People

For the past few years, I've closed myself to a certain number of people and didn't really welcome newcomers into my life. And it's a bit lonely when your friends who attend a different college seem like a stranger after a few months. Looking back to this year, I have to say that I've made a lot of bad decisions regarding almost everything, but at the same time, a lot of memorable and amazing moments went with it and its all because of my best friends who stuck with me from the very start.

5. Be More Positive

This year, I decided to embrace the positive side of my life. For years I've been a hundred and twenty percent of pessimist, and it didn't turn out well. I was living a miserable life, being insecure of all things and later on dropping out of all the things I love. Aside from being positive, I also want to be continuously inspired on all the things I do. And lately, regarding all these things, I've been writing inspiring quotes on my drawing journal and sometimes on my walls. 

6. Wash My Face B4 Sleeping

I wear make-up almost everyday due to uni and some trips here and there and when I go home, I turn to facial wipes to remove my make-up whether its just concealer, powder, mascara and lip stain or a full face make-up. As this routine go on for months, I realized that I've been having a lot of breakouts whether it's on my forehead or my cheeks, my chin, my jaw, or my eyebrows. And as time goes by, it somehow got worse or it'll just disappear. For the first few months I tried to switch up my make-up products thinking that maybe I got a reaction from the make-up I'm using. But its not, it turns out that my face wasn't clean enough and that the remnants of the make-up I used stayed on my face and just ruined it all. So lately, I've been trying to take care of my skin more by washing my face before I go to sleep and also putting in some toner and moisturizer. 

7. Write More

Writing is my sanctuary. I just have to throw that one out there to make me remember. For me, writing will forever be my passion even if the flare is gone, it'll always be a part of me. Writing has always been a medium for me to express all these great feelings into words. And for some reason, I'm actually good (was good) at writing deep, dark, feelings. Weird and creepy? Yes it is. I want to go back to something I love and I guess, I can't really go back, until I start putting ink on that paper. 


I'm short and in every way out of shape. I used to be really flexible though (I did gymnastics and ballet) but then laziness came around, also my bed became more inviting rather than my treadmill and mat, and thus, I now have a horrible posture and a snapping body of a thousand year old! Its not all that bad! Unless hearing your back crack when you stretch is, well then, it is bad. But that is partly the reason why I want to stretch. I've gone tired of hearing the same cracking noise coming from my lower back and upper back whenever I stretch once and a while. I've also gotten tired of the fact that I can't reach certain things without pulling a muscle, high or low. And also, I've read about how stretching increases height. I'm seventeen (nearly eighteen) and I've still not lost hope on getting taller... as much as possible I don't want to stay at 5' foot tall for the rest of my life. 2 to 3 inches would do me well.

9. Clean my ROOM (MORE)

If there's something I suck at rather than anything else possible, it has to be cleaning my room. I tend to clean it by organizing my trash on top of other trash of the same category. This way of cleaning might've popped some of my mum's sanity out of her mind. My mum's a very clean person, she likes things clean and organized so just think how she must feel whenever she enters my room and she sees papers everywhere, laptops and cords scattered on one corner, dirty laundry on top of my little table and a bazillion dust bunnies hopping around. 
I guess that's enough explanation why I put this as a part of this list. 

10. SAY YES! 

A lot of opportunities passed my way since I was a child, and all those opportunities I threw away. I was either too shy or to scared to do it even though I would love to. Same goes for my family asking me if I want something, I'd just turn my head and say no, even though yes is my answer. This year I want to take on challenges and face my fears, I want to be involved and feel like I actually have a life doing exciting and extraordinary things! 

11.  SAY Thank you.

I don't think I say thank you enough, for all the blessings I have, I tend to turn to my burdens and count them one by one. So now, I just want to always remember to say thank you for everything, for another day, for my friends, my family, my chances to make choices and decisions. 


  1. Good luck with your becoming better list, I love that you have come up with something different other than resolutions for the New Year. Plus your handwriting is beautiful! Jealous x

    Reverie de Paris

    1. I always never do New Year's resolutions hahaha! I always forget about it whenever the second week of January pops out. And thank you! <3 <3

  2. most of these need to go on my list too. especially number 9, which I'm particularly bad at! ^^
    Minaali x
    the snap narrative

    1. Hahaha! Glad you can relate. There's just something about not wanting your room to be messy but it just ends up to be and its too much of a chore to clean it some (most) of the time.