Monday, 1 February 2016

#3. Awkward Tension

| monday musing |

An inevitable moment of being alone in a crowded place with no one to speak with... an awkward tension.
This happens to me often, especially when I get late to class and I have to wait outside the room for the current period to end rather than making a grand entrance in the middle of a quiz. Yeah, I could leave and eat somewhere but what's more awkward than eating in a coffee shop in 7AM alone too worried that I'd be late for the next class?
To make things more awkward, I've also been trying to record myself for my oral communications class while other people pass by and stare at me wondering what I'm doing. And to add onto that, I'm slowly getting annoyed with the people in the hallways for being too noisy, too noisy for me to record myself, and too noisy to disturb the ongoing classes.
Oh, and before I forget, my hair looks like a bird nest, I also left my uniform zipper undone, and I might or might not have too much make-up just by the number of stares I'm getting.


  1. Amazing post dear!!

  2. Gosh, I'm the same way.
    I'm everything you described + paranoid that they're all judging me!
    The Snap Narrative

    1. it's like there's a nagging voice in my head repeatedly saying:
      "I'm judging you! I'm judging you!!" hahahahaha!