Saturday, 27 February 2016

What's In My Bag - (Uni 15-16)

I don't know about anyone else, but I'm a sucker for what's in my bag posts. Its either my curious nature or I'm just nosy to know what people have in their bags. I also like looking through people's pencil cases... I have a weird thing for hoarding pens that I don't really need.

For the past few months, I've been having these things in my bag, I only changed it when my classes changed, but it only changed my books and the things in my envelope.

  1. Disney Planner 
    - a gift from my piano teacher and I've been using this a lot more than my other planners
  2. File Envelope
    - I mostly keep my handouts and the papers I need to pass here so they won't get torn or crumpled.
  3. Trash and some paper
    - The trashcan is just too far away for small trash like these.
  4. Horrible Polaroid shot
    - Shot this in a bowling alley during my 18th birthday and my friend managed to put her finger on top of the flash.
  5. iphone/ipod charger and some lose change
    - could never go wrong with having an ipod/iphone charger in your bag since apple devices' battery are shit.
  6. socks
    - sometimes you just need them
  7. headphones
    - these headphones are actually broken, only one ear works. But since I don't have any money to buy new quality worth ones, I'm sticking with this one. 
  8. wet wipes
  9. - on days when I feel like my make-up's suffocating my face, this comes in handy.
  10. pencil case
  11. -like I said, I hoard pens, and this is barely half of the pens I own.
  12. florilegio journal
  13. - I write all my poems, prose and chapters here, it's just nice to have a little notebook for your own.
  14. steno notebooks 
  15. - though I do have a notebook for all my classes in uni, I like to keep it clean for whenever I go review my lessons, I won't get confused with what's what so I use these steno notebooks for rough drafts, if you'd call it that
  16. statistics book and calculator
  17. -this is the only book I bought for this semester since I think I need this more than I need my other subject's books.
  18. wooden clipboard
  19. -I have my calendar here where I could keep track of the dates if I don't have my disney planner with me and it's just nice to have specially when I only have lose paper and I don't have anything hard to write on. It's also comes in handy whenever I review some handouts since all papers clipped to this are the ones I need to review for recitation.
  20. Scribble planner
  21. - I bought this around Christmas season. I do have to say that I only got this because it looks cute and I actually find the planner to be annoying since the monthly view isn't in grid form, it doesn't have lines so it's really hard to find where you need to end whatever it is you're writing for the certain day.
  22. small expanding envelope
  23. - I originally had a pink one but I gave it to a friend. I don't use this as much as I did back then anymore but I mainly put tickets, some papers, and other stuff here.
  24. make-up bag
  25. - and lastly my make-up bag which consist of all the make-up I use for everyday which is just roughly 10 products?


  1. Your Disney planner is so CUTE! Glad to know I'm not the only adult buying disney products still...


    Ashley || Sed Bona

    1. Thank you! I actually got it as a gift but it's mickey mouse and he's just my absolute favourite so I couldn't say no!
      No one's too old for disney products!