Wednesday, 1 June 2016

Through Hell and Back

It's been a while since I posted something and sure as hell that a lot of things happened when I was gone. I just got too lazy to blog and I wasn't really that inspired to type down things that I was stressing about. But here's like a whole run down of all the things that happened with me throughout hell week.

I've been back to dancing if that's something new. Being back to liking KPOP especially boy groups means a lot of dances and all that stuff. I studied all of Seventeen's title tracks (Adore U, Mansae, and Pretty U) though I haven't perfected Adore U and Pretty U yet but I'm getting there. And at the same time, I'm also studing BTS' Fire. I managed to memorise the first part to the chorus. I'm having a really hard time dancing to the bridge though, I mean how the hell did they do that? It's like leg work after leg work.

A newly found friend.

Day One? I think of our rehearsals for our Radio play since we only had less than three weeks before the actual performance. Honestly during that time I thought that we wouldn't make it but we did though we did rush during the last few days of rehearsals but its all good and we got good grades. Too bad though that we didn't have a recording of the performance.

Notice meeeeeee ; with the music directors
With the head of props :) 

More behind the scenes pictures of how the props were made And some pictures behind the curtain during D-Day.

We did a radio adaption of American Horror Story: Murder House. It's not the exact story since me and Crystalle took out some parts and added other parts to make it creepier and more interesting.

We also had two other projects that involved a whole lot of film making and this is the first day of our Sociology project shooting. We managed to end the shooting in just three days but I had to edit all the clips and all that shazam before finals week,

Me and my friends waiting in front of Anna's dorm since we're all gonna stay there. 

And lastly this is how my room looked like the whole finals week. I swear, I slept in all the awkward positions possible during that week and I have no regrets over the bajillion cups of coffee I had (I would've been scolded for it but they didn't know).

All in all, I don't want  to repeat that week all over again.


  1. What lovely photos and update! A radio version of American Horror Story sounds so amazing!

    Rae | Love from Berlin

  2. Sounds like a busy one - good on you for getting through it!