The Blogger

I'm Mia, a sentimental poet and blogger trying to get to know herself while studying Asian Studies. I often ponder on what I'd end up to be once I graduate because it seems like no one could answer that question. 
I'm an infp living with an overly talkative mind that drives me crazy once it shuts up. I'm hungry for adventure yet too lazy to go out and wander. I love things and concepts vintage. I'm a pianist (a frustrated one at that), a messy artist that paints her walls with distorted lines hoping to paint the map one day, and a melancholic writer with three unfinished books and a poetry collection. 
I love coffee, music of any genre, from heavy metal to classical, and reading keeps me sane. I love travelling, walking to different places, and seeing different cultures. 

The Blog

Chaotic tales is a personal lifestyle blog. This is my nth blog and the only one to survive a year. 

Chaotic Tales is the sanctuary of my mind, the safehouse of my thoughts, feelings and word vomit. I've always loved sharing, but being an introvert, it's quite hard. So this blog's born! It's a journal of sorts, sharing my little poems, letters to no one, photography, and just documenting my life to have something to look back to in the future. 

Honestly, I miss 2010-2011 blogging, where everything's personal and it's like everyone's your friend. It was something deeper than friendster or myspace or facebook. It was actually knowing a person through what s/he shared in that blog. "Blogging" and being a "Blogger" nowadays has a standard. I miss the time when I say that I'm a blogger and people would ask me what that was. Now whenever I tell new friends that I blog they always jump into conclusions that I blog beauty or fashion. I blog about my life, what I like and what my brain's actually addicted on. 
I'm not gonna lie, when I started my previous blog, "The Suburb Scenes" under the url themiasalazar.blogspot.com I deviated from what I loved about blogging and got swept away with the "blogger" label. I put up all these things in my blog that would make me money (it did, a little bit) but I wasn't happy. It wasn't me I was putting out there. I bought make-up just for a new blog post, I try to dress pretty even though I don't feel like dressing that way. In my head it was always, "I could blog this!" It wasn't fun and it felt like a chore. It wasn't me. 
What's blogging if its not personal anyway?


seventeen, woozi (lee jihoon), anime, manga, japanese drama and movies, korean drama and movies, cats though i own dogs, notebooks, books, independent coffee shops that suddenly appear, chill music, indie music, music in general, crazy socks, pictures on walls, baby's breath, figure skating, isu figure skating, yuzuru hanyu, yulia lipnitskaya, the city, the sea, empty places, crowded streets, outlet shops, thrift shops, 60s fashion to 90s fashion... and many more


Elsewhere, you can find me on twitter at @_emsalazar, on tumblr at meee-yah and on instagram at @_ialyz. I guess that's it. I also have a youtube channel but I'm gonna share that some other time.


  1. I have had so much fun browsing through your posts I didn't know which to comment on! I found you on TBC and your blog is simply lovely (I really like the background it reminds me of cottage vintage wallpaper). Wonderful blog!

  2. wow :) I admire your honesty and the inclination of being comfortable with yourself, and showing who you are. :D

    Heart of Mine | minesheart.blogspot.com