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I use both film and digital! And I love my babies all to pieces! So here's the family:
For digital photography, I used to use Ferb (a Nikon d3000) until December 2013. Now I'm currently using Ollie (Olympus Stylus SZ-16 iHS) if I remember to bring him. But lastly, I have my trusty William (my iphone 5) that captures everything, from videos to photos!
And for film, I have Ken (a Canon Rebel K2) a SLR that's just my go-to film camera. Its light and cuddly (what?). And I also have Charlie (a Konica C35 Rangefinder) who I used once just because I don't like rangefinders very much...


I mostly edit photos off VSCO, and Color Story on my iphone. But recently, I got Adobe Lightroom and I also got VSCO presets for lightroom so I use that! Sometimes, if I'm lazy enough I use Photoscape.
I haven't posted any videos here yet, but I edit them off Adobe Premiere Pro CC.

more to come

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  1. I also use photoscape sometimes because it's easy to use hahaha